Create a Work Order

This article will explain how to create a simple work order within Maintenance Hub.

1. On the Work Orders tab, click "Create Work Order".

2. Select an aircraft and click "Create Work Order", or you can create a work order sans aircraft by clicking "Create Without Aircraft".

3. Edit the work order to update the name, and any relevant date information.

4. You can also create a Maintenance Reservation if one does not already exist.

5. On the Work Items tab, you can create work for your mechanics. You can assign 1:M mechanics to a work item, and you should apply a Work Item Type per your settings. You can create as many work items as needed.

6. Document your work logs. You can add as many logs to a work item as needed to comprehensively document your corrective actions. Be sure to select the correct Logbook Type as configured in your system.

7. Add attachments such as completed checklists, images, or any other relevant documents to your work items.

8. You can review history on any given work item, or across all work items at the work order level.

9. On the Overview tab, the status graph will display based on the status and estimated time of your work items.

10. Create your logbook entries either clicking "Generate Logbook Entries" or "Add Blank Entry" and selecting the relevant Logbook Type configured in your system. 

Go here for more information on configuring your logbook entires.

11. Make any edits to your logbooks, add your signatory, and then save your entries.

12. Print your logbook entries by clicking "Print Logbooks" and then selecting entries to send to the printer.

13. You can configure your print formats via your work station print settings.

14. Close out your work order and enter an actual complete date.